KUKA at IROS 2014

Chicago, 14 September 2014 – KUKA Laboratories GmbH is living up to the slogan “Hands on!” at IROS (International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems) from 14 to 18 September in Chicago. Researchers can not only touch and interact with the exhibits, but also have the opportunity to look over the shoulder of the programmer or make themselves comfortable on the developer couch.

“Developer couch” with LBR iiwa and youBot
At the 30 m² booth in the Palmer House Hilton Hotel in Chicago, KUKA is exhibiting the LBR iiwa lightweight robot and the youBot reference platform.
Visiting researchers can take center stage, rather than watching from the wings. They can also get right up close to the LBR iiwa lightweight robot, guide it manually and test its sensitivity by stopping it by hand. The KUKA developers will be demonstrating the capabilities and programming options of the LBR iiwa with a range of feature demos. Visitors can take a peek at the program code of the KUKA Sunrise development environment and observe the programming operation at first hand.

The KUKA Sunrise.Connectivity software significantly extends the programming options for research customers. Sunrise.Connectivity.Servo can be used to influence the path directly from the robot application context (Java) in soft real time. Sunrise.Connectivity.FRI not only allows deterministic access to the axis positions and torque control, but also enables real-time data exchange with an external computer.

At the same time, visiting researchers can also conveniently watch the youBot being programmed. On the developer couch, they can exchange information with the KUKA developers in a relaxed atmosphere and discuss their own ideas. Its open-source software allows youBot users to develop their own algorithms. Furthermore, a series of additional interfaces allows users to equip the mobile robot with sensors such as laser scanners and cameras. The youBot thus provides researchers and students with an optimal platform for trying out ideas and developing them further.

About KUKA Laboratories GmbH
KUKA Laboratories GmbH, based in Augsburg, is a globally active subsidiary of the KUKA Group. The company’s core competencies are in service robotics and medical robotics. Today, KUKA already ranks among the leading providers of professional service robotics and robotics for leading manufacturers of medical products in Europe. KUKA is a supplier of robotic components for medical products. KUKA Laboratories GmbH is engaged in research and development cooperation with renowned customers, institutes and universities around the world. The company develops base technologies for the entire KUKA Group.